293.romijn.oconnell.091607 'Eastwick's' Jerry O'Connell guest spot brews up dream spousal cameos“Eastwick” is getting a new mysterious hunk — star Rebecca Romijn’s real-life husband Jerry O’Connell. What other celebrity spouses should be making cameos?

O’Connell is set to appear in the final two episodes of “Eastwick’s” initial 13-episode order, but he won’t be getting romantic with his wife Rebecca. He’ll be kissing her co-star Jaime Ray Newman. “I think it’s great to have him play someone else’s love interest, as it would have been distracting to have
him come on and play my love interest,” Rebecca tells In Touch.

This got us thinking… what other Hollywood husbands and wives should guest-star on their spouse’s show?

With a Kelly Taylor-Principal Harry romance looking inevitable, we’d love to see Jennie Garth’s real-life husband Peter Facinelli (“Twilight,” “New Moon”) make a visit to the zip code to sweep Harry’s wife Debbie (Lori Laughlin) off her feet.

“Brothers & Sisters”
We could see Calista Flockhart’s lover Harrison Ford around the Walker Manse. He could play her grandpa! Okay fine… at 22 years her senior, that might be a bit of a stretch. But Indy could certainly romance Nora. Make it happen, David Marshall Grant!

Cougar Town
Everyone knows Courteney Cox is a cougar in real life — husband David Arquette is 7 years younger than Court.  Bring him to “Cougar Town” as a boytoy. We think he’d fit right in with her parking-lot-boat-living-golf-pro-ex-husband Bobby. We also think the show could find a spot for Ian Gomez’s wife Nia Vardalos (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and Christa Miller’s husband Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs” creator).

“Desperate Housewives”
Picture this: Tony Parker takes time out of his busy schedule playing for the San Antonio Spurs and teams up with William H. Macy (real-life husbands of Eva Longoria Parker and Felicity Huffman, respectively) to play buddy cops investigating the supposed plane crash coming to Fairview for their Christmas cliffhanger.

Did you know Courtney B. Vance is married to Angela Bassett? Us either! We want to see her get some sort of groove back on “FlashForward.” Perhaps she could play the shooter who kills Future Agent Noh!

“Grey’s Anatomy”
Certainly Eric Dane’s wife Rebecca Gayhart can take time out of her busy running-people-over-sex-tape-making life to do a stint. Who wouldn’t want to see a threesome between those two and Chyler Leigh? Nobody, that’s who.

“Mad Men”
Elisabeth Moss recently married “Saturday Night Live” funnyman Fred Armisen.  We think he needs to bring some of his wit to Sterling Cooper.

“The Mentalist”
Owain Yeoman is married to Lucy Davis. Who, you ask? She was Lucy the writer on “Studio 60” and Dawn on the British version of “The Office” (the Pam character).


What’s Pam Dawber up  to these days? We can’t remember seeing the “Mork & Mindy” alum since “My Sister Sam” went off the air in 1988. Meanwhile, Pauley Perrette’s real-life ex-husband is Coyote Shivers and all you “Empire Records” fans out there should know who that is. Think Renee Zellweger and “Sugar High.” We’d like to see Pam and Coyote team up as some criminals the NCIS team has to take down.

“Parks & Recreation”
Amy Poehler’s real-life husband is funnyman Will Arnett, best known for playing Gob Bluth on “Arrested Development.” We’d like to see a Gob reprise — bring him to Pawnee as a magic act for the kiddies. Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman’s real-life wife, can be Gob’s lovely assistant and perhaps sing a little ditty.

“Private Practice”
There needs to be a musical episode of “Private Practice.” Why, you ask? So that Taye Diggs’ real-life wife Idina Menzel (“Wicked,” “Rent,” “Enchanted”) can flex her golden pipes. Also: surely they can find a Paris Geller-esque rant somewhere for Paul Adelstein’s wife Liza Weil.

“Project Runway”
The contestants should have to design an outfit for Heidi Klum’s husband Seal, with the color palette ranging from “Seal” to “Seal’s teeth.”

What do you think? Did we forget anybody?

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