Ed McMahon will join the L.A. homeless community?

]]>Johnny Carson's old bellowing "Tonight Show" sidekick has been fighting foreclosure on his home for many months.

Now comes word that his home will be auctioned off in late June, sources tell

The house is expected to sell for at least $5 million. If it does sell, McMahon will be evicted.

As in on the street. In a cardboard box.

Or staying with any rich friends who will take him in. says that the "Heeeeeeere's Johnny" sidekick recently settled a lawsuit against doctors and a hospital over his broken neck.

Will the money be enough — and come in time — to save his home?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE Howard Bragman, McMahon's longtime publicist, emailed us late last night to correct the above information:

Howard explained in an email: "A private mortgage holder purchased the mortgage on the home last year and Mr. and Mrs. McMahon are able to pay rent and stay in the home until they affect an agreed upon and smooth transition into a new residence."

Bragman adds, "Mr. McMahon is not facing eviction. Mr. McMahon is not homeless nor will he be.  Not “on the street in a cardboard box.”

Nor is he “fighting foreclosure,” as he has a gracious and kind mortgage holder.

He is fighting to regain his health in a local hospital."

As a huge fan of Ed since childhood, I am happy to report this good news.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead