Only in Hollywood would one find themselves hanging out in a phone booth-inspired dressing room talking to “Gossip Girl”‘s Ed Westwick with Hilary Duff walking in to say hello on a random Saturday night.

But that actually happened to us at artist Todd DiCiurcio‘s “Heartstrings” opening last weekend as several young stars came out to L.A. boutique Confederacy to celebrate the event, hosted by Westwick, a friend, a patron and a subject of DiCiurcio’s.

“I have to confess, my whole apartment is covered in Mr. DiCiurcio’s work,” said Westwick, who met the artist shortly after moving to New York and whose band participated in DiCiurcio’s first show “Synthesis” in the summer of 2008.

Their personal relationship grew from there and DiCiurcio eventually asked Westwick to be a part of “Heartstrings,” a series of portraits which include his wife, his cat and several close friends.

“I feel this is just a snap shot [of what Todd does] because the work that I’ve got up on my walls covers a whole array of subjects,” Westwick explained. “Todd really evokes a personal response with his work. Especially when I look at my own self portrait, because I think I’m far better looking,” he laughed.

Westwick’s girlfriend and “Gossip Girl” costar Jessica Szohr — posing at the party with “Twilight” star Ashley Greene — also sat for her own DiCiurcio portrait.

michaelrady 'Gossip Girl' star Ed Westwick hosts debut for Todd DiCiurcio's 'Heartstrings'
“Melrose Place” star Michael Rady turned out to support DiCiurcio who supported Rady when his career was just starting. “I used to surf with Todd back East,” Rady said. “His wife works for Dolce & Gabbana and she used to dress me in their clothes when I was first beginning. I would go to premieres all decked out in Dolce & Gabbana, it was awesome!”

Actor Danny Masterson, also a friend of DiCiurcio’s, played DJ at the party and could possibly be the subject of one of the artist’s portraits as well. “[The pieces here tonight are] really the first installment,” DiCiurcio explained. “[Everyone in the series is someone] that I know well, that I communicate with on a very frequent basis. These are the people that my ideas come from, the people that I’m inspired by and vice versa. We all do so many amazing things together.”

Hilary Duff, who was introduced to DiCiurcio by Westwick in the aforementioned dressing room, called his work “awesome” and said she’d love to pose for him if asked.

“House” star Lisa Edelstein, who came to event with “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Justin Chambers and his wife, was also appreciative of DiCiurcio’s work. “I’d love for him to draw my dog,” she said. “That would be so cool.”

To see more of “Heartstrings,” visit the artist’s website. And keep an eye out for more from him and Westwick. “[Ed] is part of a larger abstract concept that we’re actually working on together,” DiCiurcio teased. “That’s all we can say right now though…”


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