eddie cibrian Eddie Cibrian says his ex went Lorena Bobbitt on his tires. Dude, you got off easy

“CSI Miami” star Eddie Cibrian claims his ex-wife Brandi Glanville slashed the tires on his motorcycles.

]]>According to TMZ,  his custody papers state that Brandi slashed his tires in August. And that she immediately admitted to it when he confronted her about the slashing.

And he adds that Brandi “told me that it made her feel better that she slashed my tires.”
Not that the Dish Rag is in favor of the destruction of property,  but can anyone else hear identify with Brandi?
I mean, he did lie about having an ongoing affair with LeAnn Rimes. And he told her that LeAnn was just stalking him and then Brandi told tabloids that. Oh, dude…
Frankly, we think he should be grateful she didn’t go all Lorena Bobbitt on his junk, not his tires.