eddie izzard getty 320 Eddie Izzard and Jerry O'Connell are the new Munsters, but do we need a new reboot?Now that Jerry O’Connell has joined Eddie Izzard in the cast of “Mockingbird Lane,” the upcoming reboot of “The Munsters” from Bryan Fuller, the midseason series is finally starting to take shape. O’Connell will play Herman Munster while Izzard will play Grandpa. Rounding out the cast are Mariana Klaveno as Lily, Charity Wakefield as Marilyn and Mason Cook as Eddie.

But while the new cast looks pretty solid — Izzard is wonderful in mostly anything, and O’Connell always makes us laugh (hey, there’s a reason we watched so many episodes of “The Defenders,” and it wasn’t Jim Belushi) — we can’t help but wonder: do we really need this?

The “Charlie’s Angels” reboot on ABC didn’t even make it to sweeps, while “Knight Rider” and “The Bionic Woman” failed similarly on NBC. Then again, the “Dallas” reboot on TNT looks like it’ll be worthy of its predecessor’s title (judging from the episodes we’ve seen), and CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” is pretty excellent two seasons in.

There’s also the Fuller factor — he’s got a great, quirky vision (loves us some “Pushing Daisies” and “Wonderfalls”) that would be perfect for a slightly creepy but still comedic Munsters re-envisioning. So we’ll remain cautiously optimistic, even though our first instinct leads us in another direction.

What do you think? Will you watch?

Posted by:Jean Bentley