eddie murphy ellen degenere Eddie Murphy: 'I'll go back to 'SNL,' he says on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'Eddie Murphy stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (Nov. 3), where he talks about hosting the Oscars in the spring and whether he would ever go back and host “Saturday Night Live.”

On hosting the Oscars:

Ellen: “I would think that there’s got to be more than a 10-second delay with you.  There’s got to be … I mean you’re going to curse, aren’t you?”
Eddie: “I don’t plan on cursing…”
Ellen: “I know you don’t plan on it.”
Eddie:  “I’m not going to you know , when I get to the Oscars I’m going to say s***. Then I’m going to say other things. I don’t have any plan to but every now and then a curse may slip out. Like just now I said ‘s***’ on your show.”
Ellen: “You did, that’s twice now.”
Eddie: “…I’m not planning on it but who knows. But the Oscars is (on) a delay isn’t it?”
Ellen: “Yeah, guess they put a delay on it just in case.”
Eddie: “If I were to come out on the Oscars in a sky blue tux and pee on myself. They wouldn’t show that, would they? They would cut it out.”
Ellen: “How do you cut out peeing on yourself?”
Eddie: If it’s on a delay you could cut, cut close and you realize I’m peeing…This is Hollywood, you know.”
Ellen: “The fact that you’re worried about peeing on yourself makes me nervous for you.”

Eddie on “SNL”:

Ellen: “Is there something going on that you have not been back for a while on ‘SNL’? Will you go back and host?”
Eddie: “Not anymore. Now, I’m cool.  I would go back if it was the right stuff, situation.  Sure. Yeah, I tell you, I’m doing lots of stuff now. I’m hosting the Oscars. I’ll go back to ‘SNL.’
Ellen:  “You should definitely host it.”
Eddie: “It’s been 25 years since I’ve been back there.”
Ellen: “What was it? You said, it’s cool now.  What was it that you didn’t go back?”
Eddie: “It was couple….Over the years…they did little s*** stuff where I was like, hey, f*** y’all. I’m not trippin. It was years ago. I don’t have any bad blood with that show. And that show is such a big part of my past. I love being part of it. Yeah, I wanna go back.
Ellen: “You just cursed again you know that..right?”
Eddie: “Yeah, maybe [the Oscars] should have a delay.”

We’d love to see him back on “SNL.”
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