eddie murphy a thousand words Eddie Murphy is not dead (again), y'allWith all apologies to your brain for taking up bandwidth with this story, it must be reported that Eddie Murphy is not dead, despite the Internet’s best efforts to kill him off. Again.

On Thursday (July 12), for the third time in 2012 a rumor circulated via Twitter that Murphy had died in a skiing accident — which is quickly becoming the de rigueur cause of death in celeb death hoaxes. But, rest assured, Murphy is alive and well and nowhere near a ski slope.

In fact, the story was yet another product of hoax-generating site Global Associated News, reports E! The site is also the creative force behind the falling-off-a-cliff fake deaths of Jeff Goldblum, Adam Sandler, Charlie Sheen and Ryan Gosling, among others.

As one (or, okay, several) sarcastic Tweeters pointed out, Murphy is alive and well while his career, well, that’s another story.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson