edward norton getty 320 Edward Norton: No 'Hulk' sequel plannedEdward Norton won’t be turning into a giant green superhero anytime soon.

Norton, who was at South by Southwest in Austin Saturday (March 13) for “Leaves of Grass” — a movie directed by his “Incredible Hulk” co-star Tim Blake Nelson — says he doesn’t think a “Hulk” sequel is in the cards.

“I think it has got more to do with what Marvel is doing,” Norton tells Cinematical. “I get the sense they have this grand vision of unspooling a lot of their characters and then starting to put them together. I think they can only do so many at a time. Obviously, they are doing ‘Iron Man 2’ and then getting some of the new ones out.”

The “grand vision” includes an “Avengers” film at some point, of which the Hulk — at least the big, green, CGI-enhanced character — presumably would be a part. Two other movies involving members of the team, “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger,” are scheduled for release in 2011.

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