Elementary-Lucy-Liu-Johnny-Lee-Miller.jpgBefore you ask, yes — the cast and producers of CBS’ Sherlock Holmes re-imagining “Elementary” are fully aware of the other “Sherlock” on air these days. And no, they’re not afraid of the inevitable comparisons.

“I actually think it’s flattering,” executive producer Carl Beverly tells Zap2it in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. “It was a little challenging at first. We knew that if we tried to do Sherlock Holmes 120 years later after a very successful BBC show, there would be a lot of skepticism. I think it’s a real testament to [creator Robert Doherty’s] writing that there was no real fear.”

Star Jonny Lee Miller tells Zap2it that he loves the BBC’s “Sherlock.” “I was a big fan of it before I ‘d even heard about this version. My best friend is in the movies. It all came down to if I felt ‘Is the story different enough?’ Yes. I do. It’s a completely different imagining and a different take for so many different reasons that I thought it was worth doing.”

Because the writing on “Elementary” is so original and the characters are so well-defined, Beverly says he has no doubt that audiences will tune in. “Provided Rob has his own vision and can execute something new and fresh and interesting, I think the audiences really appreciate the effort and hopefully will gather around the show and love it as much as they love the BBC one.”

Besides, the fact that there are successful TV and movie Sherlock Holmes adaptations swirling about in pop culture means that people love the character and want to see more. Doherty loves the character too, and approached his show with a great respect for the long-lasting impact previous versions have made on the world.

“If you aspire to the quality of the movies and television shows that have been created by people who love the characters, that’s the best place to be. Sherlock over the many, many, many, many, many years he’s been around, it’s been through many hands. It’s one of the reasons he’s so embedded in popular culture.”

Ultimately, Doherty says there’s enough Sherlock Holmes for everyone. “Sherlock has big shoulders, and I think he can carry all of us.”

“Elementary” premieres Thursday, September 27 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Posted by:Jean Bentley