When Roselyn Sanchez reflects on her

character, FBI agent Elena Delgado on CBS’ Tuesday series Without a Trace, she focuses on her being a single mom, a Puerto Rican from the Bronx.

For the Puerto Rican-born and -bred beauty

pageant winner, it’s a good fit. What may be questionable, though, is whether

any cop would run in the fabulous stilettos she wears.

“One of the first episodes she did for us,

she played an exotic dancer,” says Luke Reichle, the show’s costumer. “We had

these really superhigh platform high heels, and the director was very concerned

she would injure herself. She is a dancer. She can climb a pole with her

thighs. She is not going to fall off her shoes.”

Sanchez always wears heels, on and off

camera, she says.

“Latino women, when we go out, we dress

up,” Sanchez says.

The mainstays of Elena’s shoe collection

are Sergio Rossi, Paul Smith, Derek Lam and a pair of Chanel boots.

“Elena’s look is very, very classy and very

comfortable,” Sanchez says. “She knows exactly who she is and what will look

good. It’s unbelievable the amount of money spent on the show and how beautiful

the clothes are. I don’t know lot of FBI agents. I wonder if it looks like a Pantene

commercial — the hair is fabulous, the clothes are fabulous.”

Though some actors are content to have the

costumer pick everything, Reichle and Sanchez both say they work


The show’s look “is driven by the fact that

we are a Jerry Bruckheimer show,” Reichle says. “From Jerry Bruckheimer’s first

project, he was very involved in the look of things. There’s a very high level

of visual impact. It’s almost stark. The look tends to get a little more


“We definitely take that silhouette,

business professional, very utilitarian,” Reichle continues. “They make a

decent amount of money in the FBI. And the FBI agents I have met have been

pretty stylish. The shades are simple, things worn open instead of closed.”

For Elena’s suits, he shops at Los

Angeles-area boutiques including Bleu on LaBrea in L.A., Elyse Walker in

Pacific Palisades, Sy Devore in Studio City and Traffic in the Beverly Center.

Reichle finds jackets and trousers at

Banana Republic and likes designer Barbara Bui, who has “beautifully cut pants

and jackets, not cheap.”

Like most FBI agents, Elena doesn’t carry a

purse, but she wears jewelry including pieces from Margaret Lim and Me &

Ro. Reichle picks up accessories for her at a funky boutique in Silver Lake

called Uncle Jer’s.

As her character’s look has refined — more

subtle makeup, better clothes — one aspect that Sanchez won’t change is her


“I don’t know how to get rid of it,” she


Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler