Iggy-Pop-Elijah-Wood.jpgIggy Pop caused quite the stir last week when he took the “American Idol” stage. 63 and shirtless, in all his glory.

]]>Elijah Wood was set to star with Nick Gomez at the helm to direct, however the project lost steam over the years and appears to be currently shelved. Zap2it spoke with Wood at the College Television Awards about Iggy’s “A.I.” debut, and if he thinks there’s a possibility of revival for the film. Wood admits that he did watch the rocker’s performance, saying, “He’s incredible.” “It’s so pop culture,” the actor said of the FOX reality competition. “It’s a very interesting place for sort of respected, groundbreaking artists to play on. Some of the fans of those people, there’s a little bit of backlash, and I definitely read some things where people were upset that Iggy had done it. But I think it’s great. “Look, it introduces an entirely new generation to what Iggy does and the fact that he can do it the way that he can still do it, very much like he always used to, I think is extraordinary. It sort of gave the youth a little bit of history, which I think is awesome,” he continues. As for the biopic, Wood explains to us why the film never progressed and why it could be a blessing in disguise.   “It’s one of those things, it was really honestly like, all a part of the difficulty of getting a movie financed and we had financing at one stage and it fell through,” he says. “I felt at the time, I sort of felt like ‘Well, you know, the more time that goes by the more appropriate it’ll be,” Wood tells us. “The older I get, the more I feel like I would be able to fit into that role with a  little less effort than when I was younger. I mean, it was 6 or 7 years ago  that I was attached to it. So I would be happy if it was resurrected.” Up next for Wood is Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit,” where he will reprise his role from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He tells us that he’s “very excited” to report to set, and expects to hit New Zealand in November or December.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci