tiger woods family Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods are not living together. Surprised?

Elin Nordegren recently took a tamer Tiger Woods home from a sex rehabilitation center where he was reportedly seeking therapy. The estranged couple supposedly spent some time alone together. And Tiger is reportedly gearing up for the next Masters Cup.
But all is not back to normal in Tiger’s den.

]]>Tiger and Elin are living separately, according to RadarOnline.com. They reside in separate houses in Orlando, a few miles apart. Their two children are driven between the homes. 

Elin’s wedding finger is still unadorned and there’s been no reported physical contact between the couple. Yeah, handholding is just not in the cards, right ladies?
Can you blame Elin for being distant? “You don’t get over that kind of betrayal in just a few months,” one source tells RadarOnline. “Elin called off the divorce but that doesn’t mean she’s forgiven him.” 
Do you think this marriage can survive the scandal of so many ‘mistresses?’
The Dish Rag hopes Elin doesn’t tune into “Extra” and catch Tiger’s lady Rachel Uchitel in her new gig as the show’s ‘secret weapon.’ Oh, snap!
Better hide the putting irons, Tiger.
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