Elin-Nordegren-getty.jpgTiger Woods‘ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, shocked neighbors recently when
she decided to completely demolish the extravagant $12 million home she
shared with her two children. Word was, she was clearing out the
17,000-square-foot home to build her dream mansion.

Now, it turns out her decision to reduce the place to rubble wasn’t just about the fun of it. People reports
that her old place wasn’t up to code when it comes to hurricane safety,
which is obviously a priority in North Palm Beach, Florida. The
renovations required to make the house hurricane-safe would have cost
more than simply starting from scratch.

“We had an architect and a structural engineer out here and everyone
agreed that it made more sense — structurally and economically — to tear
it down and start over,” her builder says.

Termites and carpenter ants also plagued the home, though those were
discovered by Habitat for Humanity volunteers who came to the impressive
mansion to collect cabinets, fixtures, and hardware before Nordegren
demolished it. (She gave the charitable organization four weeks to raid
her home of its expensive fixtures.)

The new home will have nine bedrooms — the old one had six — and three guest houses. Guess the former Mrs. Woods is planning on throwing some parties!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie