eliot spitzer out of a job Eliot Spitzer out of a job: Host is leaving Current TV after Al Jazeera takeover

Eliot Spitzer has announced his response to Al Jazeera’s takeover of Current TV: He’s leaving. The host says that his relationship with the network was through its co-founders, Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, and that he’s not interested in staying on with its new owners.

“Moving forward, their mission will be different,” Spitzer tells The New York Times. “I love and always have loved policy issues and trying to have an impact on the issues that are out there. I cherish my years in government. I have loved my participation at CNN, at Current; writing; teaching. Where I will go next, I will have to sort out.”

Al-Jazeera’s plan is to relaunched Current TV as Al-Jazeera America. Time Warner has already announced it’s dropping the channel, saying, “Our agreement with Current has been terminated and we will no longer be carrying the service. We are removing the service as quickly as possible.” Spitzer has not said whether his departure from Current TV will mean he is returning to political office.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz