"The View" is turning into a fem love fest!

Dared by Whoopi Goldberg to replicate Kim Kardashian‘s "Dancing with the Stars" booty quiver, Elisabeth Hasselbeck accepts the challenge.

And she doesn’t do a half-bad job. I’m thinking she’s practiced this at home, which is a truly frightening thought.

Barbara Walters raves, "You are just the cutest thing!"

"If she could bottle that booty, I would buy it," says Sherri Shepherd, who declines to match boot- bouncing talents with Elizabeth because, she says, her booty is not as good. And we believe her.

"How much," asks Hasselbeck.

"Whatever you want," says Shepherd.

Oh, stop, stop! Go back to fighting with each other. The fawning is nauseating.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead