TV personality Giuliana Rancic has started a new program for E! called “Beyond Candid,” where she sits down in the homes of different celebrities and talks to them about their lives and careers.

Monday (Feb. 24) Rancic is interviewing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the former “View” co-host who now works for “Fox & Friends,” which Hasselbeck says has been an amazing direction for her career to take.

“I think the greatest thing about where I am now is my opinion really doesn’t matter as much as maybe it did in a debate forum,” says Hasselbeck. “I like being on your side, asking the questions. It’s exciting, you know.

“We’re just going through news stories and just getting in as much research in as possible.  I take a little time before that to do a daily devotional to just get the mind right. Once you get into the office, amazing work ethic. … I feel completely welcomed. I feel as though, ‘Look.  I’m on the team now. I wanna do my part. I don’t want to get up there and strike out.’ I had enough of that throughout my life.”

Below, Hasselbeck talks about how she doesn’t have the hatred for President Obama that some might think she has — “Actually our greatest conversations were off-camera, just to the side,
and I think there’s an assumption out there that there’s great hatred — there’s not.”

She also talks about her fear of getting breast cancer, which is a hereditary form of cancer and which her mother suffered from.

“Beyond Candid with Elisabeth Hasselbeck” airs Monday, Feb. 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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