elisabeth hasselbeck brunette Elisabeth Hasselbeck goes brunette on 'The View' for Sherri Shepherd

Why did Elisabeth Hasselbeck go brunette on “The View”? For her fellow co-host Sherri Shepherd, of course!

Shepherd wears a wig every day, and she also has her own line of wigs that she sells. The “30 Rock” star had Hasselbeck wear one of her brunette hairpieces as part of a promotional bit she was doing for her side business during today’s episode of “The View.”

“The great thing about my wigs is it comes out of the box already styled, just put it on,” Shepherd explains.

Hasselback adds, “They’re actually very comfortable to wear.”

Fun fact: Hasselbeck actually used to be a brunette. Daily Mail posted a photo of her from her high school days earlier this year that show a very different woman than we now know. Maybe it’s about time that she brings that color back!

Posted by:Terri Schwartz