elisabeth hasselbeck view rumors gi Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'View' brass pushing her to quit   report

Though Barbara Walters denies Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being fired from her seat on “The View,” sources behind the scenes continue to spread the word that she is on her way out.
It was first reported that Hasselbeck was being given the boot because of her ultra-conservative views. The news came on the heels of Joy Behar‘s announcement she would be leaving the show. After the Hasselbeck report hit, Walters took a moment on air to denounce the story.
“We value and appreciate her point of view,” Walters says of Hasselbeck. “We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show.” But the New York Post says Barbara only called off Elisabeth’s termination when the news leaked early. Instead the show plans to let Elisabeth quit under pressure of re-tooling the show to skew younger.
It’s not clear how dumping the youngest host on the panel would accomplish that goal, but that’s beside the point. The show is looking for a fresh new look, and Elisabeth is not part of the plan. 
If Hasselbeck gets the old heave ho, that will make two empty seats for fresh faces to clamor for. Brooke Shields, Ali Wentworth and Christie Brinkley are said to be on the short list of women up for the job. Now it’s your turn to play TV executive: Who would you choose to replace Behar and Hasselbeck?
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