eliza dushku dwts Eliza Dushku compares 'Dancing With the Stars' to 'Dollhouse' for boyfriend Rick Fox

The 200th episode of “Dancing With the Stars” may have been crammed with famous faces, but one of them has been perched in the front row every week this season.

Eliza Dushku is a regular audience member, rooting for boyfriend Rick Fox, and after seeing him take on new routines, costumes and personas each week, she’s drawn an interesting parallel: her defunct series, “Dollhouse.”

“He’s played every role, pretty much. It’s incredible,” Dushku told press after the Week 7 performance show. “I was joking today, ‘You’re ‘Dollhouse.’ Every week you’re somebody else.'”

“Dollhouse” followed Dushku as “Echo,” a blank-slate who was hired out by an evil organization, adopting new personalities for different jobs each episode. [Editor’s note: that slightly convoluted premise is one of the reasons why it met a regrettably premature end.]

The ability to shape shift isn’t the only similarity she sees between her and her boyfriend. “There’s a level of commitment and perfectionism,” she says. “It’s funny, because we’re a lot alike like that, so it makes me that much more proud of him to see him get out there each week.”

Dushku also made her first real on-camera “DWTS” appearance this week, popping into the rehearsals package to help her boyfriend recreate Helio Castroneves‘ memorable Season 5 quickstep… by perching herself atop his lofty 6-foot-7 frame.

Does this mean we might see her compete on the show some day? Hardly. “I’m not really a dancer,” she says. “I played football and sports with three brothers growing up. But I’m good at cheerleading.”

She sure is, and we bet Fox appreciates her turning out every week.

“DWTS” not giving you enough of a Dushku fix? You’re in luck. She’s stopping by the Nov. 4 episode of “Big Bang Theory.”

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