elizabeth banks gi Elizabeth Banks dishes on 'The Hunger Games,' promises to honor Suzanne Collins novelsWhen beloved novels take to the big screen, fans are always a little apprehensive about whether the films will adhere to the source material. Elizabeth Banks says that “Hunger Games” fans don’t have to worry.

“Everything that’s in the book, we’re really trying to honor for the fans,” she tells Access. They’re even making an effort to stick to stunts and real-world scenery as opposed to incorporating tons of CGI and special effects. “There are some special effects, but I have to say a lot of it is
practical,” Banks says. “A lot of running around in the woods and the
arena is a very real sort of place.”

As for her character, Effie, Banks is excited for fans to see the elaborate wardrobe and hair descriptions come to life. “Effie, she delivers on all those fronts,” Banks promises.

“The Hunger Games” is slated for release on March 23, 2012. So… just 210 days. We can handle that… right?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie