elizabeth berkley saved by the bell Elizabeth Berkley joins Jimmy Fallon's (still existent?) 'Saved By the Bell' reunion campaign

Last time we checked, Jimmy Fallon‘s campaign to get the cast of “Saved by the Bell” to reunite on “Late Night” lost steam right around the time People magazine swiped the idea for a cover.

And that was in 2009. Evidently, some folks in the NBC family are still pushing for it. In an Mar. 22 interview with “Bell” star Elizabeth Berkley, “Today” co-host Natalie Morales asks the actress if she’d participate in Fallon’s proposed reunion.

“I love everyone,” she says. “We grew up together. So, I would be up for it. I know fans would love it.”

Oh, we sure would. But has Morales actually been briefed on what this proposed reunion would involve? It’s just a group interview, not an attempt to reignite the franchise into “another hit show” for NBC. (Though you know they need one… Hey-o!)

Watch the full interview here, and let us if you think these ladies are talking about the same thing:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell