Nate Berkus show Elizabeth Edwards Elizabeth Edwards to Nate Berkus: 'I may never know what really happened...'

Elizabeth Edwards granted a rare interview to new talk show host and designer, Nate Berkus. 
“I had the best time,” Berkus tells Zap2it. “We sat for hours talking. We did cover a lot of stuff. She was very, very honest with me, very open. I was in her home.”
On the Friday, Sept. 17 episode of “The Nate Berkus Show,” Edwards talks about how she reclaimed her life after her son, Wade, died, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and discovered her husband had a child with his mistress.
“I think natural resilience (is something) we all have,” says Edwards. “Some of it, I learned after Wade died. That was my really long period of having to readjust to a new reality. Then you incorporate the person who was with you still into your life in a positive way, and manage to live happily and laugh again when you thought you never would.”


While she has done some work to rebuild her life, she says she’s not sure she has forgiven her estranged husband for what he has done.

“Forgiveness is a hard word because I don’t know that I know everything yet,” says Edwards. “I may never know what really happened in my life, so it’s really hard to use a word like forgiveness but we found a new [way] of interacting with one another that is healthy – healthy for the kids – and really easy for us.”

In the meantime, Edwards has opened up Red Window, a furniture shop in Chapel Hill, NC that has helped her to redefine herself.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve lived before,” she says. “I was first going to teach literature and didn’t do that. Became a lawyer and did that for 17 years. Then I was sort of an at-home mother for a while, and then a political wife. So now, this is the next phase and it belongs to me. It doesn’t belong to any of those things in the past.”
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