warren brown getty Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown talk nude photos and avoid issues in Massachusetts Senate raceIt’s often said that politics is a combat sport. But they’ve taken it to a new level in Massachusetts.

During a debate Tuesday (Oct. 4) among Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren took a shot at the person she’s angling to replace, onetime nude model and Republican Senator Scott Brown.

When asked, “To help pay for his law school education, Scott Brown posed for Cosmo. How did you pay for your college education?” Warren replied, “I kept my clothes on.”

Brown soon fired back. During a radio interview on Thursday (Oct. 6), he was asked what he thought of Warren’s comments about keeping her clothes on. Brown simply said “Thank God.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the state party representatives joined the fray.

Claire Kelly, the executive director of the state’s Democratic party responded, “Sen. Brown’s comments are the kind of thing you would expect to hear in a frat house, not a race for U.S. Senate…Scott Brown’s comments send a terrible message that even accomplished women who are held in the highest esteem can be laughingly dismissed based on their looks.”

And this, of course, drew a more shouting from Jim Barnett, Brown’s campaign manager who tells the Boston Globe, “it’s elitist of Professor Warren to look down at the decisions Scott Brown made to put himself through college and rise above the circumstances of his life. Scott has fought and scraped for everything he’s got.”

Only 397 more days until election day.

Posted by:David Eckstein