ellen barkin twitter eb Ellen Barkin joins Twitter, lets the F bombs flyActress Ellen Barkin has officially joined Twitter, and her tweets are creating quite the R-rated splash.

best known for her roles in movies such as “Switch” and “Ocean’s
Thirteen,” as well as her high profile 2006 divorce from millionaire
Ronald Perelman. But Barkin’s over-the-top, profanity-laced tweets are
what’s getting her some new-found attention this week. With a sassy tone
(perhaps best described as angry truck driver meets drunk sailor meets
gangster-diva meets angsty teenager?), @EllenBarkin has been using her account to broadcast plenty of explicitly bold musings, from
her disdain for John Huntsman to public banter with her friend, Bravo’s
Andy Cohen.

Yes, the Twitterverse is seeing a totally new side of the “Bronx girl”
(as she specifies in her bio). And honestly, we’re loving it. Just be
careful if you get an @ reply from Barkin — it’ll probably contain some
seriously NSFW language.

Here are a few of her recent gems:

On relationships:
Current marital status is single & i plan 2mutha*****n keep it that
way.u can f****n quote me on that,my fearmoviemutha****a

On learning what “hashtag” means:
Can a muthaf***er tell me how 2 use a hashtag? I’m new to this s**t..no
one here 2 guide me thru the darkness. Memba I’m old &

On her age:
someone just tweeted at me that i was an “endearing hot mess.” Whoever
the f**k you are… I’m 57 yrs old, it’s only gonna get messier.

On mobile tweeting:
Thank you.I had no idea.
I dint even know u could do this tweetin s**t from a phone!!Fan-f***n-tas-tic.Rite on with ur eggself

On the attention her obscene tweets have been getting (along with
comparisons to fellow celeb Twitter newbie, Samuel L. Jackson):

Check it out! Congrats my new trues, we made the WaMuthaf*****Po! Don’t let the media divide us! i ❤ @samuelljackson

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady