ellenfashionweek Ellen DeGeneres takes off on the New York Fashion Week runway!Alright fashionistas! We thought we would pass on a little goodness to cheer up your Wednesday.

America’s favorite CoverGirl Ellen DeGeneres just released video of her taking over Fashion Week (and the runway) in New York.

Ellen held the Richie Rich runway show hostage in a blaze of glory earlier this month in what would make even the fiercest supermodel consider retirement.

While her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, watched, Ellen strutted down at the end of the show wearing a shiny suit, fingerless gloves and a teeny tiny chapeau.

The look on her face? Pure Blue Steel.

Here’s the video that will have you wanting to strut your stuff in your cubicle. And quite frankly, we encourage it. Enjoy!

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Posted by:Matthew Hoffman