Ellen DeGeneres has issued a challenge to her viewers: Ellen’s Dance Dare asks the willing to surreptitiously dance behind people without getting caught.

The results? Hilarious.

While she’s currently soliciting Irish-themed videos for St. Patrick’s Day, our new favorite video belongs to “The Office” star Ellie Kemper, who took Ellen’s dare and really went for it while backstage at “Ellen” and “The Office.”

Kemper brought her video to “Ellen,” and it’s a delightful way to spend the next minute or so of your life. We’ll even forgive the fact that it’s set to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” Our favorite moment comes around 38 seconds in when Kemper shimmies behind a lady, pretends to look at a dude’s computer screen, then busts another move when the coast is clear.

Have you done any dance dares?

Posted by:Jean Bentley