evil elmo arrested gi Elmo arrested in New York? No, but impersonator in police custodyNo, the real Elmo is neither xenophobic nor an anti-Semite and he was not arrested in New York on Monday (June 15). However, an Elmo impersonator who has been haunting New York’s Central Park for some time, was taken into custody by police on Monday and transported to a nearby hospital for psychological evaluation.

The fake Elmo — who’s being called “Evil Elmo” and “Nasty Elmo” by various outlets — shouted obscenity-laced rants at passers-by and tourists. He would also target other (non-Evil) Elmos and rail on them for being “illegal immigrants” who should not be allowed to ply their trade in New York.

“If you start your own business in this city, Jews will harass you!” shouts an Elmo captured on video who is believed to be THE Evil Elmo. A nearby woman gasps, saying “That is the scariest Elmo I’ve ever seen in my life!”

And that’s saying a lot.

A spokesman for Sesame Street Workshop didn’t comment on Evil Elmo, but did tell the New York Times that, “The ‘Sesame Street’ Muppets are known the world over, and we do not condone unauthorized representations of our characters.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson