elton eminem Elton John helps Eminem fight drug addiction    seriously

In an “Odd Couple” like pairing, it turns out that flamboyantly gay singer Sir Elton John is helping accused homophobic rapper Eminem fight his drug demons.
John told BBC Radio that Eminem is succeeding in his well-publicized battle against substance abuse.
John added that as a recovering drug abuser, he is happy to help people if they want the assistance, but he explained that drugs make people so cocky and arrogant that they often reject help.

Is he talking about Lily Allen?

]]>lily allen elton john Elton John helps Eminem fight drug addiction    seriouslyHe once scolded the singer in public for being drunk at a London event they tttended. When she tossed back another glass of bubbly after dropping several F bombs onstage and told him he was old, he warned her, “I could still snort you under the table.” Allen had to be helped out of the event and into her car by her bodyguard. Some are ready, some are not, Elton. We can only hope that Elton can help Eminem change not just his drug habits, but also his fashion image. We can see a “Queer Eye for the Homophobic Rapper” show in the making. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for all your movie, TV and celebrity news. More Elton John, Eminem Dish: Eminem ‘fesses up to ‘Bruno’ stunt Photo credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead