Madonna.jpgElton John and Madonna are having a bit of a feud lately. He recently said that Madonna “hasn’t got a f***ing chance” of winning the Golden Globe for best original song. She actually took home the award. Akward! But John is still giving her a hard time.

While doing an interview with “Good Morning America” on the set of his upcoming Super Bowl Pepsi commercial, a royal robe-clad John took another verbal swing at Madge. When asked if he had any advice for her halftime show, he says “Make sure you lip-sync good.” Yikes!

He wasn’t too jazzed about past halftime shows in general, saying, “I’ve never seen a decent one. … Never ever.” That’s his reason for saying he’d never do one himself. He wants to play live, you see. It’s live versus lip-syncing that started his feud with Madonna. Back in 2004, he accused her of lip-syncing during her concerts and award show appearances. Is he being too hard on her? Let us know what you think.

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Posted by:jbusch