The Dish Rag got a chance to chat with Emily Blunt about her Golden Globe-nominated role in yet another amazing film about a British female monarch, “The Young Victoria.”
We wanted her take on where the teenage monarch’s inner strength came from as well  as the touching — yet not widely known in the US — story of her devotion to her husband Prince Albert. 
Fittingly, Emily is engaged to be married to “The Office” star John Krasinski. And the night before we met, she’d appeared on Craig Ferguson’s show, which she says started off with him talking about her breasts. 

]]>Afterwards we found out that it was the Scottish talk show host who actually advised John to “lock it down” and propose to her. Seems he and John were sitting next to each other on a plane flight and talked for the whole 10 hours about marriage. 

Emily talked to us about a Queen Victoria who was a sensuous and playful, yet strong and stubborn young woman. 
“She led such an oppressive, lonely childhood where she wasn’t allowed friends or a room of her own or to even walk downstairs without someone holding her hand. And she had a really lonely existence and to have that resilience, to be that steely to know that this crown is rightfully yours and that you will be great … I don’t know where that inner strength comes from; I think some people just have that … She was definitely always stubborn and she had a temper but she was a modern thinker, and so when she first came into power, she was not willing to be managed or handled by anyone.”
To Emily, the message of the film is “about commitment and long lasting love. This is an age when everyone quits so quickly and it’s important to see that.”
That bodes well for her upcoming marriage to John. 
Video edited by Michael Toubassi