jenny snyder urman cross 'Emily Owens MD' creator Jennie Snyder Urman returns to CW with new drama 'Cross'

Fans of the criminally-short CW series “Emily Owens MD” were left hanging in the midseason-turned-series finale of the medical drama starring Mamie Gummer. After finally admitting her feelings for her boss, the Emily and Micah decided to date — but then Emily slept with her best guy friend, Will. Twist!

To those fans who felt just as jilted as us when the final seconds of “Emily Owens MD” aired, first of all: we feel your pain. And second of all, while this news may not be as amazing as getting another season of the CW medical drama, it might be enough to ease the hurt of the still-fresh cancelation: “Emily Owens MD” executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman is returning to The CW with a new drama that sounds just as amazing as her last venture — though hopefully this one won’t be canceled just as quickly.

“Cross” is a drama set in the 19th century that follows 22-year-old Eliza, who secretly takes her recently-deceased twin brother Thomas’ identity and job working in a Boston hospital as a doctor’s apprentice, THR reports. The series will explore gender politics, race relations, and the birth of modern medicine during an explosive time in American history. Urman will write and executive produce.

“Cross” is not Urman’s first project post-“Emily Owens MD.” She is also working on the adaptation of Venezuelan telenovela “Jane the Virgin” for The CW, as well as a new comedy for Fox, “Sober Companion.”

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum