emily owens md the cw 'Emily Owens, M.D.': What did you think of The CW's new medical show?The CW’s latest quirky but smart female heroine has finally arrived: “Emily Owens, M.D.” stars Mamie Gummer as a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital struggling with the high-school-like atmosphere of her new workplace.

Gummer, who comes from an acting family (her mom is mega-star Meryl Streep), certainly embodies the slightly insecure doctor who is ultimately great at her job. Justin Hartley is handsome as her med school crush-turned-coworker, and Aja Naomi King is sufficiently bitchy as her high school nemesis-turned-coworker.

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In Zap2it‘s review, we noted that although “Grey’s Anatomy” is the show “Emily Owens” has most been compared to, it’s much more similar to the beloved WB drama of yore, “Felicity.”

“Years ago, Felicity Porter made us want to hide under the couch from the sheer agony of second-hand embarrassment as she made bad decision after bad decision, but we still loved her candor and her honesty,” the review states. “Emily Owens has the potential to make us fall in love the same way. Gummer gives her character the same sheepishly beautiful, but almost never sexy, on-screen quality.”

What did you think of “Emily Owens”? Will you add her to your schedule every week, or was one visit to Denver Memorial enough for you? What did you like best and least about the show?

Posted by:Jean Bentley