chris rock eminem twitter Eminem collaborating with Chris Rock on new album? 'Maybe' says the comedian

Eminem supposedly has an album coming out in the Summer, though there’s been no actual confirmation from anyone. Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg said that a new album will be out “post-Memorial Day,” but left it at that. Dr. Dre has said Marshall Mathers, Eminem’s actual name, is “finishing up” the project, without putting a time frame on its release.
Outside of those small bits, there’s been next to know information about the album or what to expect from it. However, that dry spell may be over. Comedian Chris Rock tweeted a photo of himself in the studio with the rapper, kicking off speculation that he may be featured on the album in some way.
When asked about the photo during an interview on Fuse TV, Rock played coy. To the question of what was he doing in the studio, Rock replies, “I can’t say.” However he follows that with, “I was on the Kanye [West] record, maybe I’m on the Eminem record. You never know.” Rock appeared in a skit on West’s song “Blame Game,” from his 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”
Up next Rock has the exact opposite of an Eminem album appearance when he returns to the big screen in “Grown Ups 2,” with pretty much the first movie’s entire cast appearing once again. As for Eminem, album or no, he’s got European concerts scheduled beginning in August.
Check out the interview with Rock below:

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