eminem-berzerk-saturday-night-football-ESPN.jpgDuring the halftime of the Notre Dame-Michigan game on ESPN Saturday night (Sept. 7), Eminem debuted a clip from his “Berzerk” music video — and also appeared to be kind of out of it while in the broadcast booth with Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger.

When the guys try to engage him about the video-making process, Eminem says, “”Sorry, live TV. Live TV freaks me out a little bit. What was the
question? … It’s usually like a two-day process, sometimes it can go
to three. It’s a lot of takes. … If the video comes out, then I guess
it’s worth it.”

Then later, Eminem is asked about opening Saturday Night Football — his song will be the opener starting Sept. 14 — and he says, “It’s a pleasure. It’s an honor to be able to do that. … Album will out Nov. 5. I’m probably most excited just to be done with it. It’s kind of revisit to the first Marshall Mathers LP. That’s pretty much all I can probably say about it.”

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Also, Musberger’s intro for him was hilarious:

What a pleasure for Herbie and me to introduce Marshall Mathers. Some of you may know him as Eminem. He’s going to join the Saturday Night crew with our music intro starting next Saturday night. Folks, I want to take you to the world premiere of one of his new videos, “Berzerk.” It’s headed for the top of the charts.

There was nothing about that whole thing that was not insane and kind of baffling. Herbstreit was trying so hard not to laugh the entire time and so were we. Video below.

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