emma roberts halloween 1 Emma Roberts is scared of 'American Horror Story', loves Halloween

With Halloween closing in, “American Horror Story: Coven” star Emma Roberts couldn’t be more excited. The actress stopped by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where she was able to gush about her favorite time of year.
“I love Halloween,” she says. “I dress up every year.” Roberts already has her costume set, she’s going to be “Jazzercise Barbie.” However, she’s going to sit out of trick of treating this year.
“A couple years ago I had a rude awakening that apparently I was too old to trick or treat,” she says. “I took my little cousins trick or treating and I was dressed up in an outfit. I go to the door and if I’m taking the kids trick of treating, I’m going to get some free candy too.”
Unfortunately that’s not how it worked out for Emma. When she took the little ones to the door, they got candy while she was denied for just being too old. She doesn’t let it hamper her love of the holiday, though.
Still, while Halloween is special to her, Emma admits, “I’m the biggest scaredy cat ever.” She says it’s normal for her to check behind doors and under the bed when she gets home, to make sure there’s not ghosts or monsters. “Whenever I’m home alone I’m like ‘If there’s a ghost here, please don’t scare me’,” she continues.
One might think that starring on “American Horror Story” might help Roberts get over her fears, but that’s just not the case. She can’t even watch the show without being mortified. “When you’re shooting it’s not scary cause you’re filming and everything’s whatever,” Emma says. “But when I’m watching it, I’m under the covers and everyone’s like ‘You’re on the show, why are you hiding?’ But when you add the music and the sound effects, it’s terrifying.”
It seems no one is safe from the terror of “American Horror Story,” not even the cast.
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