Emma Thompson, the SAG-nominated star of “Saving Mr. Banks,” visited “Live with Kelly and Michael” in order to entertain. She did. In addition to calling a “Love, Actually” viewing “psychotic,” Thompson performed a bit of her role from “Sweeney Todd.”

Thompson will be making her Broadway debut in the upcoming production of “Sweeney Todd,” playing the character of Mrs. Lovett (a woman who likes to bake people into pies). When questioned about her singing ability, Thompson didn’t just answer — she burst into song and performed a number from the play.

Anything you ever needed to know about acting may just be in the video (embedded above).

Since it’s the 10th anniversary of “Love, Actually,” Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan asked Thompson about the film. The actress mostly just used this to make a few jokes: “We’re all getting very old … It’s appalling. I saw Alan Rickman the other day, and he said, ‘God! You’re looking old!'”

While acknowledging happily that “Love, Actually” has become a favorite holiday film for many, Thompson pointed out that she herself doesn’t watch the movie. “No, no, no. Because that would be psychotic,” she pointed out. “I think my family would just show me the door.”

Of course, Thompson spared plenty of time to talk about “Saving Mr. Banks,” in which she plays “Mary Poppins” author P.L. Travers. The actress revealed that her favorite part of the role came from being so very mean. “She’s vile to everyone, which is so much fun to do,” Thompson explained. “It was just great fun to play someone who was so vicious to people who meant her well.”

Just from this appearance alone, it’s pretty easy to understand how Thompson managed to get a SAG nomination for her role in the film.

“Saving Mr. Banks” opens in limited release Friday, Dec. 13, before going wide Dec. 20.

Posted by:Laurel Brown