After a solid decade of bailing Harry and Ron out of sticky situations, you’d think Emma Watson would need a break. But the artist formerly known as Hermione Granger is right back to work in this ad for new Lancome fragrance “Tr�sor Midnight Rose.”

Fragrance commercial plots can often be elusive, but here’s our best shot at a recap:

Emma Watson, looking eerily like Jean Seberg in “Breathless,” is shopping for a book but leaves her hat by mistake. The intrepid bookstore clerk spends his lonely dinner contemplating how he can sell this hat and finally leave his miserable bookstore job behind. Watson walks down to a sketchy dock at midnight alone, perhaps to find work as a deck hand. The clerk is conveniently also walking alongside the same dangerous dock for reasons unknown. As fate would have it, the two strangers meet; Watson cruelly feigns a kiss before simply smiling in unabashed glee at the unexpected return of her beloved hat by this complete stranger in the middle of the night at a dimly lit dock where no one could help her should she need it. How romantic!

Seriously though, a note to our young female readers: walking the docks alone at night is NOT the way to meet a nice boy.  

Posted by:janderson