emma watson oxford Emma Watson studying at Oxford UniversityWe had a whole plan in place. We would set up shop at the one of the computer stations in Brown University’s Friedman Study Center. When Emma Watson came in, we’d pretend like we didn’t know who she was and we would ask her for help; our login “wasn’t working.” Then, we’d strike up a conversation and yadda yadda we’d be dating Hermione Granger from the “Harry Potter” movies. Airtight plan. That is until Emma Watson transferred to Oxford.

That’s right. Brainy Hermione has transferred to one of England’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Watson posted a message on her homepage informing fans that she plans to hunker down and put her in nose in the books:

“You might not hear from me for a while because I will be really busy studying but I wanted to say hi and bye 🙂 Hope you all like “My Week with Marilyn” and I’ll keep you posted on “Perks [of Being a Wallflower].

So just like that, our hopes of meeting Hermione are dashed, not to mention the supposed Hermione blackout we are now forced to endure. Oh well, we wonder what Ginny Weasley is doing… 

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