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Oh no! Is Harry Potter’s pal Hermione smitten with Kirsten Dunst’s rock star ex-beau?

Gosh, no wonder Kirsten checked into rehab. Who wouldn’t if their boyfriend took up with a sweet, innocent, fresh 17-year-old? Or… did Hermione cast a spell on poor Kiki?

Barron Hilton finally gets out of jail. Now he has to talk to his parents. Remember Barron, don’t cry and blame it all on the paparazzi pressure. Also, ask for a full-time driver.

Jennifer Aniston is 39 and holding! But did she eat her own cake?

Will Tilda Swinton bring her beautiful boy toy to the Oscars?  We sure hope so!

Photos: Johnny Borrell and Emma Watson out in London on Feb. 11, suspiciously close to Valentine’s Day. We smell chocolates and roses!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead