jane lynch emmys opening Emmy Awards 2011: Jane Lynch's opening sings and dances us into the show“Glee” star (and Emmy nominated) Jane Lynch‘s opening number for the 2011 Emmy Awards was based on the premise that all TV shows live in one big building together, so she sang and danced her way through the building.

Stops included Ron Swanson at the shoe-shine bench on “Parks and Rec,” Sheldon’s living room on “The Big Bang Theory,” “Weeds” Doug Wilson being arrested, the “Friday Night Lights” boys in a locker room and (best of all) the cast of “Mad Men.” Roger and Don were not pleased to hear in the future people can fast-forward through commercials, while Pete slammed Jane’s man’s haircut, which she retorted “cost more than [his] house.” And hilariously, Peggy was intrigued about being able to marry another woman in the future, heh.

We also enjoyed Jane’s line about TV being “where dancing with Bristol Palin in a monkey suit is dancing with a star.”

It was delightful – video below.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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