will-arnett-amy-poehler -emmy-2011.jpgIn the odd event you need proof that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett would kill at red carpet coverage, you don’t need it any more.

While Ryan Seacrest attempted to escort Betty White off the E! News station on the Emmy red carpet, he briefly acquiesced hosting duties to the married comedians — who then refused to give it back.

“It’s Hollywood’s second biggest night to shine,” said Arnett, before turning to his wife and pretending not to know who she was. “Is it Amy? You’re looking great tonight. What are you wearing, a dress?”

The two then made a slightly indiscernible about Poehler wearing $100 bills, announced that they were “trending” and mocked Seacrest for how easy his job is.

Best part of all: Poehler and Arnett’s extended shtick kept Gwyneth Paltrow waiting in the wings, while Seacrest visibly sweat over losing face time with the Oscar winner.

God bless these two.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell