Since the Sunday night Emmy broadcast was so unbelievably and inexplicably lame, the only real gut-busting comedy Sunday night was on the arrivals carpet.

Oh, the tacky gowns, the frightening hairdos and the makeup so heavy it looked as if it had been applied with a trowel and blended with a spatula.

Admittedly, Phoebe Price (or, as we like to call her, the poor man’s Mischa Barton) is an extreme example of someone working WOAS (without a stylist).

But there were more mistakes made by some pretty big-name actresses, such as Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Felicity Huffman, Kate Walsh. And these gals had teams of stylists working hard to make them look … the way they looked.

To see — and vote on — who had the most boring bob, the hottest smackers, the wildest waves and the biggest beehive, click here!

Photo: No, we have no idea why Phoebe Price is famous either. Or how she gets on the red carpets. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead