the walking dead season 4 emmy melissa mcbride Emmys 2014: Melissa McBride deserves 'The Walking Dead's' first acting nominationWith the 2014 Emmy Awards nominations due to be announced on July 10, Zap2it is making cases for the actors and shows that deserve some awards love, but would be surprising — and therefore very exciting — nominees.

For a cast as large and varied as “The Walking Dead’s,” it’s a bit surprising that the AMC series has never once been nominated for an acting Emmy. Hopefully 2014 will be the year to change that, as Melissa McBride gave the performance of a lifetime in Season 4.
McBride is far from the most recognizable actor in the cast. That honor goes to Andrew Lincoln, or Norman Reedus, or maybe even Danai Gurira. But if “The Walking Dead” were to get just one Emmy nomination for acting in 2014, our hope is that McBride would get the nod for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, if only for “The Grove.”
After the episode aired, we already made our case for why McBride deserves an Emmy. That may be an unlikely dream, so for now we’ll settle for a nomination. The supporting actress field is deep and competitive, and there are plenty of deserving, more recognizable candidates. But even if Television Academy members aren’t familiar with “The Walking Dead,” “The Grove” — and McBride’s performance in it — stands out.
It would be great if “The Walking Dead” earned an Outstanding Drama Series nomination, but that category is even more competitive than supporting actress, so there’s a slim chance of that. Recognition of McBride’s performance in “The Grove” would be a great acknowledgement of how fantastic the AMC drama can be when it’s at its best. The show is not really about zombies, but instead about the humans who are affected by the undead apocalypse. “The Grove” shows that arguably more than any other episode in the entire series.
If McBride does get a nomination, it will likely bode well for future seasons of the series. A taste of Emmy glory once could push the stars of the show to go above and beyond their great performances from seasons past to earn future recognition for themselves. It also could (hopefully) mean that McBride will live a few more seasons in a show that loves to kill off its main characters.
And if McBride doesn’t get a nomination, at least it won’t be for lack of audience support. The McEmmy Campaign launched not long after “The Grove” aired, and a small but passionate group of “Walking Dead” fans have been campaigning Emmy voters for love for McBride. If we had a vote, she’d get it. Fingers crossed that a big chunk of academy members feel the same way.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz