best femaie emmy getty Emmys 2011: The best and worst from TwitterNever let it be said that folks on the web don’t have an opinion. And nothing brings out the crowds to spit venom or heap encouragement like an award show.

Here are some of the more entertaining posts from Twitter… 

Let’s hear it for the chicks for rescuing the show.

TVWithoutPity — We’re grateful that #LeonardNimoy doesn’t quite understand the concept of “retirement.”

That Levitan speech is a great victory for science. We’ve never gotten the exact moment when Divorce began on TV before.

benschwartzy – My 5-yr-old won’t let me turn cartoons off to watch the #Emmys. I’m upset, but he says I’ll thank him when I’m older.

fictionnreality – This comedy show montage just reminds me how much TV I actually watch. I am a little ashamed.

shiraselko – Julie Bowen is dressed for open heart surgery.

cabridges – First the actors showed why they shouldn’t write, then the writers showed why they don’t act. This is a very instructive

– I nominate Charlie Sheen for best acting in a music, variety or comedy special.

– is Dianna Agron wearing something from the First Ladies of Yesteryear collection?
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