emmys 2012 dream ballot Emmys 2012: 'Awkward' and 'Fringe' join 'Parks and Rec' and 'Homeland' on Zap2it's dream ballotThe Emmy nominations on Thursday morning (July 19) will probably feature a passel of nods for Showtime’s “Homeland,” more honors for two-time comedy champ “Modern Family” and a chance for “Mad Men” to win its record fifth straight best drama statue.

If Zap2it were to take over Emmy voting from the members of the TV academy, all that would still happen on Thursday. But those shows would be competing against the likes of “Happy Endings,” “Awkward,” “Fringe” and “Sons of Anarchy,” series who may or may not get any love in the actual Emmy nominations but are at least big favorites around these parts.

The best series categories would also be bigger than the current six nominees, because, well, we like television a lot.

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Here is the official, expanded Zap2it Emmy wish list for 2012 (in alphabetical order for each category).


It wouldn’t be a surprise to see most, if not all, of our picks make the final cut on Thursday morning.

“Breaking Bad”: An unbelievably tense ride made the year-plus wait between Seasons 3 and 4 so very worth it.

“Downton Abbey”: Though the consensus is that Season 1 (which competed for best miniseries) was better, the British import still gets our vote.

“Fringe”: Multiple universes and Observers aside, the human part of “Fringe” is what makes it really good.

“Game of Thrones”: Normally, introducing a truckload of new characters would derail a series. That didn’t happen to “Game of Thrones.”

“The Good Wife”: One of the standard-bearers for network drama at the moment, proving that quality and fairly wide appeal aren’t mutually exclusive.

“Homeland”: It had perhaps the best inaugural season of any show since “Mad Men.”

“Justified”: Even without a character as indelible as Mags Bennett (2011 Emmy winner Margo Martindale), the show kept on being great.

“Mad Men”: You can argue where Season 5 of “Mad Men” stands in relation to its past years, but it’s awfully hard not to include it here.

“Parenthood”: NBC’s family drama tells small stories, so it doesn’t get as much recognition as it probably should. But it tells those stories really, really well.

“Sons of Anarchy”: It’s time. Well past time, actually.


Our tastes in comedy will probably diverge with the TV academy’s moreso than on the drama side, and as a whole we love our quirky underdogs.

“Awkward”: The sweetest, most winning series MTV has put on in a long time — and it’s really funny too.

“Chuck”: If there were a “Best action/comedy/drama hybrid series” category, it would be a shoo-in.

“Community”: One of the most consistently inventive and unpredictable comedies on television.

“Girls”: Once you get over the hype/backlash/re-backlash cycle, you’re left with a really smart show from a fresh voice.

“Happy Endings”: It made a big leap forward in Season 2, and has as many minute-for-minute laughs as any show on TV.

“Louie”: Like “Community,” “Louie” is a show where you’re never quite sure what you’ll get, but Louis C.K.’s singular voice makes just about every episode interesting.

“Modern Family”: It wasn’t on its A-game as much last season as in the past, but it still can bring the funny.

“New Girl”: It was funny from the start but really hit its stride about midway through its first season, when the ensemble jelled and any one of the regulars could carry the comedic load.

“Parks and Recreation”: If Season 4 didn’t top the brilliance of Season 3, it came awfully close.

Which shows do you want to see nominated for Emmys on Thursday?

Posted by:Rick Porter