emmys-2012-mad-men-homeland-breaking-bad.jpgWe were so eager to get your thoughts on the best drama series that we decided to move the poll for this one to Monday, to give all of you more time to vote before Sunday night’s Emmycast.

It’s been fun getting your thoughts on who will win in all of the major acting categories as well as which show should take home the comedy prize, but we left the drama series prize for last because it’s one of the best rosters of shows we’ve seen in the category in a long time.

First there’s four-time defending champ “Mad Men,” which is the favorite because, while the show’s fifth season might have been an A-minus in many critics’ eyes, another best drama award would still be well deserved. Then there’s its AMC mate and widely acknowledged “other best show on TV,” “Breaking Bad,” which always seems to come in second, may actually have a chance this year, due to its electrifying fourth season.

This year, though, there are serious challengers to the “big two,” namely Showtime’s intense spy drama “Homeland” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Both shows got enough critical buzz this year that it wouldn’t be a stretch to see either upset the champ. “Homeland” seems to be riding a critical wave that can carry it all the way to a win, especially as more people see it right before its second season starts.

Then again, “Downton Abbey” could surprise everyone and win, as it did last year when it won most of the miniseries awards. Even “Boardwalk Empire,” whose second season wasn’t as widely praised as its first one was, still has the epic period scope that tempts academy members check the box next to its name. It certainly says something about the category this year that this show, which was last year’s upset favorite, is not even in consideration this year.

Who do you think will bring home the Emmy? Vote in the poll below. The 64th annual Primetime Emmys, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, air live at 8 p.m. ET Sept. 23 on ABC.

Posted by:Joel Keller