emmy snubs 2013 fringe parenthood sons of anarchy fox nbc fx Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked

Since the Emmy ballots have been sent out to voters, the entertainment world is busy speculating about which shows will get Emmy nominations in 2013.

But what about the many deserving shows that will most likely be ignored? Every year, plenty of television programs fail to get any Emmy love. From “Psych” to “Hannibal” to “Fringe,” here are 13 of the biggest errors the Emmy voters of 2013 are about to make.

orphan black alison tim bbc america Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlookedLast-minute disqualification: “Orphan Black”
Were it not for Tatiana Maslany‘s surprise win at the Critics’ Choice Awards, this BBC America wouldn’t even be on anyone’s radar. It’s still a long-shot.

raising hope emmy fox Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked13. “Raising Hope”
For three seasons, this comedy about five generations of a love, blue-collar family is as sweet as it is insanely funny. The acting is uniformly good — even baby Hope is entertaining — and the humor of everyday life never gets old. Cloris Leachman and Martha Plimpton have both been dark-horse nominees for this show, but there have been no wins yet.

happy endings cast food fight abc Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked12. “Happy Endings”
Sadly shuffled and then canceled by ABC, this three-season ensemble comedy is one of the funniest shows never given a chance. For a show bringing more consistent laughs than anything the Emmys will nominate, every member of the “Happy Endings” cast deserves a nomination. It’s likely that not one of them will get one.

fringe season 5 john noble walter fox Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked11. “Fringe”
Even though this sci-fi show’s five seasons came to an end this past winter, it has one final shot at getting John Noble that Emmy nomination he so richly deserves. It’s not going to happen. This is very unfortunate.

justified timothy olyphant walton goggins fx Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked10. “Justified”
With two acting wins (for guest actors) and several nominations, should “Justified” even be on this list? Yes. Leaving aside the fact that Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins desperately deserve Emmy wins (not just nominations), why hasn’t “Justified” ever been nominated for Best Drama?

the walking dead norman reedus amc Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked9. “The Walking Dead”
No matter what Emmy voters think, it’s not just about cool zombie makeup. “The Walking Dead” has two Emmys already for its realistic depiction of human decay but zero awards and zero nominations for its brutal study of human survival.

shameless emmy rossum william macy showtime Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked8. “Shameless”
Since it’s a funny-but-dark show that airs on a cable network, you’d think the Emmys would love to shower “Shameless” with award love. Nope. Joan Cusack has been nominated twice as a Guest Actress, but that’s it. It’s not like there’s a shortage of brilliant actors in the enormous and dysfunctional Gallagher clan either.

psych-clue-100th-episode-usa.JPG7. “Psych”
Can you even nominate a one-hour show as a comedy these days? “Psych” may be one of the most consistently funny shows out there, but that doesn’t mean any awards for this 7-season USA program. That’s too bad. Just watch the “Clue”-themed 100th episode of “Psych” to understand why.

hannibal-hugh-dancy-will-graham-nbc.JPG6. “Hannibal”
“Hannibal” is not for everyone. Disturbing and often disgusting, there are few shows that will more thoroughly haunt your nightmares. But “Hannibal” also has beautiful acting — particularly from Hugh Dancy as the psychologically fragile Will Graham — and even more beautiful design — from murder scenes to Dr. Lecter’s dinner parties.

parenthood-monica-potter-peter-krause-nbc.JPG5. “Parenthood”
Everyone who watches “Parenthood” loves it. Monica Potter just won a totally deserved Critics’ Choice award for her role. The show is home to some of the finest acting anywhere on TV these days. And yet “Parenthood” has only ever been nominated for one Emmy — the 2012 Best Guest Actor award for Jason Ritter (he didn’t win).

bunheads sutton foster liza weil abc family Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked4. “Bunheads”
Much like its spiritual parent, “Gilmore Girls,” no one in the awards world is going to give “Bunheads” its proper attention. Even the show’s network, ABC Family, neglected to submit this odd look into the world of small-town dancing for a Best Comedy nomination. Only star Sutton Foster even has a shot.

arrow stephen amell john barrowman cw Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked3. “Arrow”
If you want to win Emmys, don’t be on The CW. The network has gotten virtually zero attention from the non-People’s Choice award world, despite some high quality programming and acting. “Arrow,” for example, was easily one of the best shows on TV in 2012 and 2013. But it probably won’t get noticed by the Emmys because a) it’s new, b) it’s on The CW and c) nothing is more “genre” than a comic-book show.

sons of anarchy jax opie fx Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked2. “Sons of Anarchy”
A dark cable show about crime? Pure Emmy-bait, right? So why don’t awards people love “Sons of Anarchy”? Five seasons in and the show has only one major award: the Best Drama Actress Golden Globe for Katey Sagal in 2011. Sure, “Sons of Anarchy” does have one Emmy nomination too — for title music, back in 2009!

suits gabriel macht patrick adams usa Emmys 2013: 13 TV shows likely to be overlooked1. “Suits”
This harshly funny legal drama would be a huge Emmy contender if not for one small but crucial thing: It airs on USA. After years of “blue-sky” dramas, the awards types see USA as the home of “Monk” (off-the-air since 2009) and absolutely nothing else. “Suits,” meanwhile, boasts acting and writing easily on par with the Emmy frontrunners — there are no bad scripts and no weak links among the cast. Not one. It’s long-past time the Emmys noticed.

Posted by:Laurel Brown