tony hale julia louis dreyfus veep emmys Emmys 2013: 'Veep's' Tony Hale gives Julia Louis Dreyfus a hand on stageAfter Julia Louis-Dreyfus won her second straight Emmy for “Veep” on Sunday (Sept. 22), two of her castmates put together a very funny bit during her acceptance speech. Provided, that is, you watch “Veep.”

Allow us to explain:

Tony Hale, who won the Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy a few minutes before Louis-Dreyfus won hers, plays Vice President Selina Meyer’s (Louis-Dreyfus) “body man” on the HBO comedy. His character, Gary, is always hovering over Selina’s shoulder, holding her bag and whispering in her ear which dignitary is which.

Anna Chlumsky, meanwhile, plays Amy, a member of the VP’s staff whose most frequent posture on the series is head down, glued to her phone. As Louis-Dreyfus gave her speech, Hale came up behind her, holding her tiny clutch and whispering in her ear to thank her family and co-stars — and of course she left out Hale’s name (on purpose).

The camera also briefly cut to a shot of Chlumsky texting, completing the bit. It was great for anyone who’s a fan of the show, but might have left anyone else a little bit confused. What did you think of it?

Posted by:Rick Porter