worst dressed emmys 2013 heidi klum connie britton cat deeley amanda peet mayim bialik Emmys 2013 Worst Dressed: Heidi Klum, Connie Britton, Cat Deeley, Amanda Peet and Mayim Bialik
Considering how gorgeous most of these actresses are, how designers fall all over themselves to give them gowns and their glam squads are at the ready, there shouldn’t be mistakes.
And yet.
Even one of the world’s most celebrated beauties, “Project Runway” host Heidi Klum, can err.
Klum, nominated for outstanding host on a reality show, was in pomegranate Versace, which had a Vegas showgirl mojo. She had trouble getting out of the car because of her constricting gown, but says she loved her dress. 
“I chose it because it is hard and body fitting, and not too revealing either,” Klum says on the red carpet.
Gold-encrusted teal velvet works so well on drapes at old movie palaces but on a gown for a nominated actress? Not so much. Connie Britton, up for best actress in a drama for “Nashville” wore a form-fitting, strapless number.
My jewelry is worth more than I am,” Britton says of the borrowed baubles.
Britton is consistently brilliant on the show, singing for the first time on the drama, and usually rocking boots, tight jeans and a flowy top. Maybe she tried too hard to be age appropriate.
Cat Deeley, who prides herself on fashion risks, has told Zap2it that she can make mistakes, and this was one. Up for best host for “So You Think You Can Dance” even someone as willowy as Deeley does not need jodhpurs built into a gown. The peekaboo midriff just screams Catwoman and she can do so very much better.
Just how much can one dress have going on? Amanda Peet, who’s been on “The Good Wife,” has a three-piece gown with a bandeau top, a skirt and a sheer gown covering it. That might have been quite enough but the gown is dotted, with flowery lace panels and is just way too Morticia meets Frederick’s of Hollywood.
Mayim Bialik, up for best supporting actress for “The Big Bang Theory” chose a green gown that is very 1970s mother of the bride. The sweetheart neckline works, but all that foliage around the waist, elbows and shoulders is just too much. 
Yes, it is an improvement over Amy Farrah Fowler’s striped cardigans, ungainly skirts and flats, but she could have gone much younger.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler