emmys 2014 best miniseries poll Emmys 2014: Which show should win Outstanding Miniseries?After several years in which TV movies and miniseries were lumped together in a strange apples-and-oranges kind of Emmy category, the Television Academy has separated the two for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

The separation (at the program level, at least — acting and other categories still include both movies and miniseries) has not, however, necessarily taken care of the apples-to-oranges issue. The way the academy’s rules for miniseries are written allows for several different kinds of shows to compete for the Outstanding Miniseries trophy. As it happens, the six nominees neatly break down into three types

There are two old-school miniseries, “Bonnie & Clyde” and “The White Queen,” that tell their complete stories and aren’t meant to be ongoing shows (though Starz has talked about a sequel to “The White Queen”).

There are two “anthology miniseries” in “American Horror Story: Coven” and “Fargo.” The two FX shows also tell self-contained stories, but they’re designed as umbrella titles for ongoing shows. “AHS” features a recurring cast playing different roles each season; “Fargo,” as of now, doesn’t plan to follow that model.

Rounding out the category are “Luther” and “Treme,” which are actually regular, ongoing drama series that happen to have short runs. “Luther” aired four episodes in its third season, while the fourth and final season of “Treme” ran for five episodes.

Wonky rules or not, though, they’re all up for the same award. So which should win the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries? Vote in the poll below and argue it out in the comments. You can also vote in Zap2it’s Emmy polls for comedy supporting actress and supporting actor and drama supporting actress and supporting actor.

Posted by:Rick Porter